04 Aug 2010

Bundler webinar slides

These are the slides for the Bundler webinar I gave at Engine Yard, right before the release of Bundler 1.0rc3.

If you want to watch and listen to the entire thing, Engine Yard has posted a video of the presentation.

webinar.001 webinar.002 webinar.003 webinar.004 webinar.005 webinar.006 webinar.007 webinar.008 webinar.009 webinar.010 webinar.011 webinar.012 webinar.013 webinar.014 webinar.015 webinar.016 webinar.017 webinar.018 webinar.019 webinar.020 webinar.021 webinar.022 webinar.023 webinar.024 webinar.025 webinar.026 webinar.027 webinar.028 webinar.029 webinar.030 webinar.031 webinar.032