Personal projects

Sometimes I work on things that seem worth writing down somewhere.

Feed Your Email

Send newsletters to your feed reader. Generate an email address you can use for any newsletter, and a corresponding feed you can use to read those emails.

The Cube Rule of Food Identification

The ultimate way to classify food. Written about in the Washington Post, reached top 5 in the 2019 Webby awards, and cited by the Honorable Douglas R. M. Nazarian in a judicial ruling for the Maryland Court of Special Appeals.

Ruby Together

A non-profit trade association that pioneered paying developers to maintain Ruby open source tools by raising funds from developers and companies that use Ruby. Merged with Ruby Central in 2021.

Luna, a calendar for witches and werewolves

A collaboration with @sailorhg to create an iPhone calendar specifically for the phase of the moon. Includes moonscopes written by Helen Shewolfe Tseng and music by Slime Girls.

A site to clarify some misconceptions. Is tech a meritocracy? Is it a pipeline problem? Do women talk more? Are women bad at coding? How are we still asking these questions?

The Ruby Way, 3rd Edition

A book about the Ruby programming language, published by Addison-Wesley.


The Ruby programming language dependency manager.